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I can't eat, I can't sleep any more…

I can't eat, I can't sleep any more…

But alas, I’m not in love – which is probably a good thing since I can’t swallow either.

(Warning: this is the mandatory bloggers’ “I’m feeling so ill, sooo ill” type-post. Feel free to ignore.)

I seem to have all the classic symptoms of a flu – or maybe it’s the cold. Headache, sore throat, aching muscles and I’m not doing a particularly good job of thinking today.

The worst thing, though, when you have a sore throat and can’t communicate beyond grunts and lowly-spoken words. And then you have to nip down the corridor to get some lunch (soup, naturally since I can’t swallow anything anyway!). Then colleagues will see you walking down the corridor and give you a cheerful wave – and all you can return with is a grunt and a general nod.
I did try saying somethign to one of them, but a bit of the morning’s milk suddenly decided to return up my throat and I only just swallowed it in time.

Yes, I knew, typical male over-reaction. Yeah, right. We don’t bleed every 28 days (well, most men don’t) so we’re not used to this!


  • Oh no!! I hope you feel better!

  • I think I have something similar (but maybe not quite as bad). I've been dosing myself with massive quantities of vitamin c every 6 hours, along with echinacea and oil of oregano, and I'm getting better really fast. I've also been napping a lot… so… yeah, dude, go home. ::nudge::

  • Try some Chloroseptic throat spray or some zinc lozenges, and for pete's sake GO HOME! You don't want to make all your nice co-workers sick do you BDB? Feel better.

  • tamper

    "We don't bleed every 28 days"? Is it any wonder you're not dating…

  • Do they have Hall's Vapor Action throat drops over there…? Those are the only things that clear me up enough to breathe from at least one (1) nostril…

    By the way, we NEVER get used to the bleeding. It actually gets worse as we age…

  • Claire

    Night Nurse & Day Nurse are a godsend when you have the flu…and something nice to drink is honey, chopped lemon and chopped ginger with hot water…does wonders for your throat!

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