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Car calamities

Car calamities

I don’t know why I bothered owning a car. I just don’t.

I had to renew my car tax. Which unfortunately involves presenting your car insurance and MOT (car roadworthiness) documents.

This sorry saga starts when I realise that despite diligent paperwork filing procedures (it all goes in a huge pile), I had lost said documents. So I applied to get new insurance documents – this took ten days to arrive, on the day my car tax ran out.

So I go to the post office to renew my car tax, and after spending 20 mintues smelling wee and pee everywhere (top tip: Do not go to the Post Office on a Monday morning, there’s shuffling old people everywhere) the lady at the counter helpfulyl tells me that i also need my MOT documentation. Which seems to have gone the way of the original car insurance documents.

So I take the car to work, to get the car checked over by the MOT people. And they inform me that it’s failed, because of two bald tyres and that they couldn’t do the emissions test because, and I quote, “they couldn’t find the engine”. It’s the big huge block under the bonnet!

So I get to the car, at which point it’s pouring with rain and hailstoning. Get in the car, reverse to get out, and somehow manage to ram the side of a golden car that had suddenly appeared out of the mist. To top it all, the car belongs to a Very Important Work Person. But since I confessed all, my karma is good.

Unfortunately, my bank balance won’t be. Due to all these snafus, I’ve had to declare the vehicle off-road until it can pass its MOT. And I’ll have to pay for the damage to the car. Not to mention the forthcoming fine for not having car tax in the first place.

Did I mention I hate cars?


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