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Stupid Star Trek fans

Stupid Star Trek fans

Never mind global warming, the war on Iraq, the rise of religious fundamentalism or the fact we’ll all be under house arrest soon. UK Star Trek fans are planning to hold a rally to try and save Star Trek: Enterprise. Even though it’s already been cancelled for good reasons. Even I stopped watching it (that theme tune really got on my nerves).

Get this, they’re holding their protest outside BBC Television Centre. Last time I checked, the BBC had never broadcast Enterprise and had nothing to do with it – Channel 4 had the rights to it. Plus, they’re doing it on a Saturday. There aren’t that many staff milling around TVC on a Saturday, News excepted.

There’s a plan to hold a protest outside Channel 4 (when everyone will have gone home – it’s just a bunch of offices!) – but not outside Sky, because they can’t seem to find an address that isn’t in a remote business park. News for you people – it *is* in a business park. Isleworth, in fact.

I don’t know why they’re bothering, really. The only way UK broadcasters could “save” Enterprise would be to offer a Simpsons-esque insane deal to buy Star Trek in perpetuity – and for once, it seems Paramount is giving the cash cow a good rest instead of killing it for its’ meat.

Now we just need the Star Trek lot to team up with Christian Voice.

Update: Ten people demonstrated outside the BBC, twenty outside Channel 4. On a cold and freezing day.


  • "Now we just need the Star Trek lot to team up with Christian Voice."

    And it'll be called 'The Rapture'.
    "Beam me up Goddy"

    That was bad Never mind.

  • When I first read this I thought stupid trekkies to, but then I read the link to the rally and it explains it all. They do probably have more chance of getting publicity and noticed by hanging out near the Beep and C4, and Sky is probably a fortress!

    Star Trek rocks.

    Enterprise had a shaky start, but this final season has been brilliant and if it had been given a chance to grow then who knows how it would have developed (but, it could have done with killing off some of the deadwood characters to shake things up a bit). IMO the first 4 seasons of TNG were patchy and sometimes painful to watch. It also didn't help that they moved Enterprise to a Friday night slot, which is generally the kiss of death, and UPN weren't fully behind in promoting it.

    Yes, there are more pressing issues to protest about but at least these people are getting of their arses and doing something about something.

    ST will always have a big part in popular culture and over the decades it has tackled taboo issues – so please stop the trekkie bashing!

  • Except … erm… not many people work on a Saturday. Even in broadcasting land. There'll be a skeleton news crew at the BBC, and Channel 4 will be empty. Plus the BBC is more of a fortress than Sky simply because the BBC tends to attract things like terrorist bombs to its buildings!

    The Trekkies need to realise:

    a) Enterprise is crap. No two ways about it.
    b) Star Trek is tired. It *does* need a rest. New ideas. New vision. Mainstreaming the idea patently hasn't worked.
    c) The BBC, C4 and Sky together wouldn't be able to change Paramount's mind. If they wanted to.

  • I am sorry, I forgot you are talking about UK where no one work extra hours and take two weeks paid time off as a given. Poor hard working Brits…

    Enterprise is crap, so freaking what? Trekkie, by definition is fans of the serious. (BTW if you need to look up the definition of 'fans', go right ahead) So whether the series is crap or not, we still want it.

    Also, have you noticed that all Star Trek series take at least 4 seasons to become good? TNG's 5th season is one of the best, right up with the second half of 4th and the whole of 6th. DS9 was crap until the 4th season and kept its momentum till the end. Voyager was crap until 4th season when it became less crap. Why would it be different with ENT?

    I have to agree with other Trekkies though that B&B mush go and get Michael Piller and Ira Behr back as producers.

    And what are you doing about all the more pressing issues you mentioned in the post? I hope you are planning to protest about these issues? Or are you not going to protest because the government is not going to do much about it anyway regardless of what you (and other people do)? How about writing to your MP? Or start your own online movement? Or join a NGO? Have you done any of these?

  • I think you meant four weeks paid vacation as given.

  • I'd love to say more but I don't have the time.


    I enjoy enterpise though.

  • You lost me somewhere. What does UK vacation time have to do with the price of fish?

    In these tough TV times, it's very difficult to give TV series four seasons to get it right. Given the fact that Star Trek's been going for 25+ years, they should have got it right in season 2 of Enterprise.

    All I'm saying is that there are better ways to make your point heard than protesting outside a building that's got nothing to do with Star Trek on a day when hardly anyone will be in the office!

    Take a chill pill, man. 😉


    Or is that "of the heart"?

    I think it's more like "from the butt". P.U. that show stinks! 😉

  • NO, NO, NO! Enterprise is not crap, it's just we all grown up (God forbid) to be cynical old farts, hence the hating of the theme song. we've grown into an age of 'right here, right now' and if it's not, then throw it away, there'll be anothere twenty replicas along any minute now. Disposal razors, disposable pens, disposable music, disposable sci-fi, disposable websites???

  • Oh dear. I thought we'd come so far. Truly to a new age of the Internet. But still, -still- a post about Star Trek prompts a flurry of responses with greater haste than any other.


  • I can honestly say I've never seen an episode of it. I got bored of Star Trek about 3 seasons into TNG. The only DS9 I've seen was the rather funky Tribbles episode.

    Bring back Quantum Leap!

  • All I'm saying is that there are better ways to make your point heard than protesting outside a building that's got nothing to do with Star Trek on a day when hardly anyone will be in the office!

    How about raising $3,125,000 towards funding season 5? Is that any better?

    For deatils visit and the new unofficial blog:

    Thanks for the publicity anyway!

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