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Being tracked down by my blog

Being tracked down by my blog

It was just another normal dull Sunday afternoon. I’d come back from Cantonese class, and was making a stab at the washing-up, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

Outside the door was a long-time e-friend, who I shall name Arizona Gal. I was delighted to see her, and knew she was in the country, but obviously wasn’t expecting to see her. Especially in Cardiff. So I asked how she’d found my house.

It turns out that she and her friend had decided to come to Cardiff for the day, and while walking around they noticed various bits from my photographs. Then they did a little detective work, applied some logic, and figured out which door I lurked behind.

Remind me to go through my online photographs sometime.


  • If anyone ever did that to me I would have a nervous breakdown *wibble*

  • Fuck. OK, that's scary. At least she was someone nice.

  • I hate people turning up unannounced, even if I'm in love with 'em. I'll throw a wobbler. If you're lucky, I'll just pull a face and act like you've committed a heinous crime. I'm always in the middle of something and am one of those people who cannot switch mindset very easily.
    However, arrive as arranged and I'll be a perfect hostess, chocolate eclairs (albeit stale) and everything. In social mode with bells on.

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