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It's not fair, damnit!

It's not fair, damnit!

Thanks to the UK Weblogs Aggregator, I occasionally skim past the latest entry from Smoking Women Are Sexy, about the exploits of a “non-smoking teenager trying to get to grips with my (his) smoking fetish”. He’d occasionally sneak pics of women smoking via his cameraphone, and upload them onto his blog – which of course leads to non-hilarious consequences when he gets caught, never mind the moral/ethical implications of what he was doing. Usually, I’d catch the latest entry, smirk snobbily at the boundary-less limits of human sexuality and fetishes thanks to the Internet, and move on.

It’s now the blog’s first birthday and he’s managed to do something that somehow doesn’t work for me – he got a date with a smoking woman via the blog. She even let him light a cigarette. (I hope he was wearing lots of pants that day.)

Good luck and fair play (as they say in Wales) to the guy. Now if I could only find an online reference to the Mel Brooks quote along the line of “My fetish is to wake up one day next to a beautiful woman and … well, that’s it really.”


  • laurian

    My boyfriend said that he’d never go out with me because I smoke. But he did, and five years later, has turned my smoking into a fetish of his own.

    I have always rather like male-nipples myself.

  • Aha but life isn’t fair 😉

  • zuzula

    A friend of mine told me he would never go out with me because he hates the fact that I smoke socially. Good job I don't fancy him 😉

    Blog dating… what a brilliant idea. I've never thought about my blog as an extended lonely hearts ad!

  • We're getting into a weird area here, aren't we?

  • Hmmm, I wonder where the 'women eating bananas' blog is kept 😉 You can be sure there is one.

  • thanks for the link!

    I would not go so far to say that it was a date…but it was great meeting up with someone and being able to be so honest about the whole thing.

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