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Designers' flame war, right here…

Designers' flame war, right here…

It’d be nice to think that in this new all-design millennial era, the archetypal pony-tailed square-spectacle-wearing ice-cool (blue, naturally) designers of the world would conduct their flamewars with a little more class.

My mate has finally made it into the hallowed halls of the CSS Vault Gallery for his contribution to design. A tad minimalist, but it does the job and I’d probably rip off research his CSS code to find out how he does a few tricks. If I knew how.

Amusingly, however, it wasn’t long before his entry got encumbered with a flame war, and insults like “Rich you’re a twat… the end” flying through the ether. You’d think designers would be better than that, sitting as they do in front of their uber-cool Macs creating minimalist class out of seemingly nothing.

However, as you will note from this blog, I have no design skills whatsoever, and CSS somewhat confuses me.

Note: While Mark does drool over Macintoshes (and is the proud owner of a set of iPod socks), he’s never had a ponytail. As far as I know.

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  • Guilty as charged, I do drool over Macs, but don't let it bother you – i'm happy. And yes i've had a pony tail, but before I was a designer. Anyway, a pony tail is only tied back long hair…

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