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Arthur Dent works for the BBC!

Arthur Dent works for the BBC!

They’ve released the first proper trailer for The Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. On first glance, it looks suitably insane, zany and downright weird with fantastic special effects. It’s going to be a good month for British sci-fi fans, what with this and Doctor Who later this month.

Anyway, watch the trailer (legally via Amazon or a dodgy Quicktime version, and in the shot with the alarm clock, you’ll see a BBC pass lying on the table. Nice touch!

and Yes, I am extraordinarily sad for spotting that. Especially when I’d spent all evening at work. Shame there’s a mass cull to come.


  • And that's the most sex you've had for ages? 😉

  • Sorry, but I'm still wary of it. The TV series, radio show etc etc were all fairly "low key" in terms of effects. They weren't what mattered. In typical Hollywood style, however, the trailer's all explosions, lasers and men with stupidly deep growly voices telling you how your life will change if you go and see it.


  • Emily

    I think that first trailer is really only to lure American audiences. From what I've read of the newer trailer, many hard-core fans are quite pleased.

    Amazon keeps bumping the bloody trailer around all over the place. You can watch it at the official site.

    There's a second trailer yet to be released that promises to be better.

    And you think you're a sad case? How about freeze framing the entire bloody thing to notice that the book at Arthur's bedside is Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut. And the clock reading "7:42" is an especially nice touch.

  • Sheff

    Been well busy and on holiday and stuff so not been on your blog for a while hence delayed response.

    OF COURSE HE WORKS FOR THE BBC! IT SAID SO IN THE BOOK! I think it's even mentioned briefly in the first one but certainly when he gets back to Earth (at the start of the 4th book I think or is it the 5th?) he has to phone his boss to explain his absence. If I remember rightly he tells him he had been living as a hedgehog for 9 months. His boss is cool about it. Worth pointing out to your boss next time you feel like skiving / have tonsilitis…

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