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Geek request: organise my birthday alerts!

Geek request: organise my birthday alerts!

After having forgotten a friend’s birthday, I really need to find a service that’ll email me when it’s close to someone’s birthday.

An easy-enough service you’d think, but it’s fraught with problems. Especially when I want one that’ll let me transfer the data around – the rest are so protective. Plus one that I can trust to actually email me, and ideally one that interfaces with my Nokia phone.

So far, I think I’ve got various birthday and anniversary reminders dotted with Yahoo, Plaxo, BirthdayAlarm and Mozilla Calendar.

Of those, the first three won’t let me export or send around any data, and I can’t get Mozilla Calendar to send me any emails. At least, not without exporting the data to some weird server I don’t have access to.

None of them will give me a simple calculation (like my old Nokia phone did) to tell me how old someone becomes. My current Nokia phone won’t do that, of course, but nor can it email or tell me in advance when someone’s birthday is.

In an interconncted age where I can share my photographs and bookmarks, surely birthdays and anniversaries shouldn’t be too much of a problem?


  • Just use flipping Outlook, you pillock. It'll remind you up to "n" days in advance and will tell you how old they'll be if you (clever bit) – KEY IT INTO THE REMINDER.

    Dunno about transferring to a Nokia, but you're a gadget freak – get a Psion or something.

  • That's my problem. Everything I have won't interface with anything else, unless you go and buy some sort of gadget doohickey.

  • I use the organiser on my Nokia phone – you can put in the year of birth, so it tells you how old they will be, and you can set a reminder 'n' days in advance if you wish.

    It's a pain when you upgrade your phone, as you have to transfer them manually, but at least you don't miss any birthdays.

    PS. Mine's 2nd June….. and don't ask the year of birth!

  • Paper? How quaint.

  • Joe G

    I have a crazy solution for this. Bear with me. I write down the birthdays of people I know on a piece of paper, and keep it pinned to a board in my kitchen. I also have a calendar nearby so at the start of the year I can add in all the info. It may not be electronic, but it works fairly reliably.

  • Sheff

    Mosh is right. Use Outlook. Do you really need a reminder at an exact 'n' number of days and hours before the event to flag up on your phone?

    Anyway mine is a week on Thursday but I won't be offended not to get a card – I'm not exactly the best at that kind of thing myself!

  • Mark A

    I think some of you are being unfair on Mosh.
    I ahve 100 staff, and I would love to use Outlook.
    But I really want ti ti tell me how old they are so that we can buy a cake if it is an important birthday.
    It would be great to be electronic and it say Marks Birthday (25)
    By the way, I am not 25!

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