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The stars walk right past me in London

The stars walk right past me in London

Having walked past Leicester Square (where they’re busy putting up metal gantrys for the BAFTAs), and walking down Coventry Street towards Piccadilly Circus and texting away all the while to organise plans for a friend’s witch wedding (don’t ask) when…

Flashbulbs and excited shouts go off behind me. I turn around, and realise that I’ve just walked past David Walliams and some glamorous woman en route to the Cafe De Paris club.

Then I realise it’s Graham Norton and Sir Ian McKellen talking and walking towards me, and two paparazzi-types using their huge cameras and taking pics behind me. So my shoulder is probably in a paparazzi shot somewhere. Then to complete the surrealness of the evening, Ben Elton and June Whitfield decide to walk past me (again! – I do wish they’d stop stalking me). Followed by Ronnie Corbett.

They all head straight into the Cafe De Paris club, walking past a throng of excited tourists all with their cameraphones held high trying to take a shot in the murky damp London night. I survey the scene, remembering my days covering the wonderful entertainment beat, wonder what “wonderful” showbiz party they’re all being seen to go into before leaving by the back door, then shrug my shoulders, and move on.


  • I had dimsum on Sunday too – first time EVER and adored it. Just in case you were interested. 😀

  • Just use flipping Outlook, you pillock. It'll remind you up to "n" days in advance and will tell you how old they'll be if you (clever bit) – KEY IT INTO THE REMINDER.

    Dunno about transferring to a Nokia, but you're a gadget freak – get a Psion or something.

  • I think the answer is #4, as it is easy to sneak up on sexy Asian women, etc. when you're underneath a dragon 😉

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