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Drowning your sorrows…

Drowning your sorrows…

Some people have ways of coping with the downs and further downs that life brings you. My flatmate prefers to drink copious amounts of alcohol.

I mean, copious amounts. The other night, he managed to neck a bottle of wine and four bottles of beer. All by himself, in his bedroom. And he started at about midnight. He’s a great guy though, don’t get me wrong. But drinking with him is an adventure in himself. He can go from sober to *hic* in four seconds flat. I go from sober to asleep in about two seconds. We make a right pair in our local pub – which is where I’ll usually stumble into my future self.

I’ve never even been quite sure why people do resort to alcohol to cope with those ups and downs. I enjoy the odd “big night out” as much as the next person, but even in my utterly sozzled inebriated state (usually around 7pm in the evening) the problems and thoughts are always at the back of my mind.

I’ve only ever found one thing that’s a really successful distraction. Well, two things. A damn good film (not many of those around these days) and Civilisation 3. Which isn’t exactly conducive towards solving your problems.


  • zuzula

    Alcohol definitely helps. after a night out I can barely remember who I am, let alone what's worrying me!

  • I think we're actually lucky that we'd be poor alcoholics. I get absolutely sick when I have too much (more than 4 drinks) and become positively vegetative on pot. *shrug*

  • Psycho Ex had a drink problem, too (yes, I regard it as a problem). You could tell when she'd had a bad day at work because you'd hear the "clink" of bottles as she came home. Usually two large bottle of wine. Both gone in a short space of time, followed by loud vocal and physical abuse of house, contents and co-habitors.

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