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More cliched pet answers

More cliched pet answers

After a friend saw yesterday’s post on cliched pet answers to grumpy / depressed / miserable people, she said: “Cheer up, it could be worse, you could be me!”

Another cliched hated answer, since it means:

  • – there’s even more despair to look forward to?
  • – cue someone else telling you about all their woes, which is a bit annoying when you’re grumpy / depressed / miserable etc.

Besides which, if previous experience is anything to go on, you can be the best shoulder in the world, listen to them, take them out, go on trips etc. – but woe betide the time when you’re miserable / grumpy / depressed, because they’ll just disappear.

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  • Shari

    my favorite is "Get over it". and my response (full of sarcasm) is GEE! Why did I think of that! Just get over it! I had no idea that it was THAT easy! WAH HOO! I'm fixed.

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