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At an air show

At an air show

Had to get up at some ungodly hour (like 6am ?!) to head to the air show. We still ended up queueing for a couple of hours but we were much closer to the air base and got there in plenty of time to see some action. One plane emitting a *lot* of smoke. Otherwise, it was planes going up, down, up, around, loop the loop, loud, quiet, or just standing still so we could all admire them. Sometime it all got a bit too much for us and we just napped.

It was also funny listening to the commentaries from either the Italian pilots (very enthusiastic), American pilots (all military and boastful… like boasting that they hadn’t lost a single plane in combat against Iraq, but not mentioning that there was a lot of friendly fire) – whereas the British pilots seemed relatively stand-offish and quiet.

British Airways had a stand with a virtual Boeing 737 simulator – so I thought, great, plonked down my £10. I’d have had a better experience with MS Flight Simulator and a paddle or something – total waste of money. As was being charged £1.50 for some chips.

The Stealth Fighter flew by, and that was quite cool to look at – although I missed the stealth bomber. Probably the Italian team were the best. We were going to stay for the Red Arrows but the exit routes from the base were already getting clogged, so we decided to leave early. My sister drove back to her place, while I caught the bus back to Swindon, for an uneventful trip back to Cardiff reading John Simpson’s book, and his eyewitness accounts of his night at Tiananmen Square, amongst other things.

Got back to Cardiff – flatmate S seemed in a foul mood, and she was on this computer for just forever. Sorted out a couple of emails, packed my suitcase ready for my Greek holiday. The more I read about Crete and Greece, the more I realise that it may well not be my ideal place – but on the other hand, maybe all I need is a relaxing holiday on a beach where I can meet new people, and I can forget about the architecture, the history, and trying to blend in with the local populace. It was quite nice just lying in the sun today with my new specs 😀

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