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"Cheer up, it could be worse"

"Cheer up, it could be worse"

You know, I really really hate it when people say “Never mind / Cheer up / It could be worse / It might never happen / There’s people worse off than you” – or other such trite phrases. Because it’s not going to improve anyone’s mood or general well/unwellbeing for the following reasons:

“There’s people worse off than you” — erm… so what? There’s people better off than me but you don’t remind me about them either. Plus (fortunately) in my life experience I’ve never had to experience the awfulness of life in the third world / Guantanomo Bay – because I’m not there. So reminding me about those troubles isn’t going to cheer me up or shake me out of it, is it?

“It might never happen” – Great, reinforce the uncertainty of the whole thing. Or, alternatively, remind me that it might just happen. Pah.

“It could be worse” – Great. Remind me that there’s even more stuff waiting to happen. Give me something else to worry about at night.

“Cheer up” – Yes, I’ll just flick that switch, shall I?

“Never mind” – Yes, if only I had that lobotomy operation performed years ago.

Grrr. and pah.


  • Oh I HATE HATE HATE cliched pat answers like that. They burn my ass.

    And you just KNOW that if the same bastards complained to you about their lives and you responded like that to them, all hell would break loose.

    People sure do suck!

  • I'm rather fond of hating the "smile, luv!".

  • "Stop feeling sorry for yourself," is one I get often.

    If you think those are bad, get a load of some of the things people say when someone has died-!

  • tamper

    I prefer your early, funny posts.

  • Thing is, I share an office with you. I know from experience that you'll moan about the slightest thing, which often isn't anything worth moaning about at all.

    If you occasionally said to *yourself*, "Never mind; it could be worse", you might find that most things that wind you up aren't really all that bad after all. Give it a go and spread a little happiness towards your long-suffering workmates (though I know, it could be worse!)…

  • Diego

    so What the fuck you want the people to say to you?
    Next time don't say anything and keep everything to yourself!!! you idiot!!!!!

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