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Multi-lingual pop songs?

Multi-lingual pop songs?

On the Chris Moyles radio show this morning, the “gang” riffed on that classic early-90s two-albums-wonder Martika, and played a Japanese version of Love … Thy Will Be Done. And howled at Martika singing Japanese lyrics with an English chorus, as if this was typical of the oddity of Japan.

Except … I’m pretty much certain that outside of English-speaking countries, an awful lot of the native pop does incorporate English and other multiple languages into songs. Certainly I’ve heard many an English phrase dropped into Canto-pop songs, and I’m sure I’ve heard similar equivalents with French and Spanish song. Hell, Ricky Martin‘s songs would be naked without the odd Spanish phrase thrown in.

Or is this just me?

Now I’m off to find a Martika fan site. And Tiffany while I’m at it. Oh, and for the record, Eminem’s sample of Toy Soldiers sucks. It doesn’t even use any bit with Martika singing!

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