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That Tsunami relief concert…

That Tsunami relief concert…

Since I spent 14 hours yesterday mostly monitoring/watching the Tsunami Relief Concert to provide on-demand broadband video clips (with my colleagues of course), I thought I might as well give my knee-jerk reactions of the artistes involved. Although of course I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE INSTEAD, if it wasn’t for my cursed multi-skilling abilities. Rant to come.

Katharine Jenkins – nice voice, but the songs seemed a bit too bland and were too anthemic at this early stage in the proceedings. Of course, at one point I shouted across the office: “Katharine’s up but she’s a bit rough” (meaning that the video clip wasn’t the best in the world) to which one of the witty tech geniuses replied back “If only she was”.

Keane – the first band to which I would utter “Oh, so *that*’s who does that song!”. Nice performance, although nothing to write home about – although I may just buy a Keane CD. Or download the MP3.

Charlotte Church – finally, the chance for the local gal to break out of the “posh song” ghetto and perhaps give a new spin to an old pop/rock classic. Alas, no. I’m not one to judge on singing but her voice just didn’t provoke a reaction in me.

Lemar – probably the first artist to annoy me with his pretentous “let’s not forget why we’re here, people” remark.

Craig David – surprisingly stripped down. Not too sure it made an impact but at least it wasn’t his usual stuff.

Snow Patrol – second band to provoke that “oh, it’s *that* song” remark. Light up, light up.

Goldie Lookin’ Chain – who would Adam and Eve it, eh? Seven Newport boys rapping to 60,000 people. Makes a change from their first gig. Wish they hadn’t sworn though – took us ages to get rid of that swear word.

Badly Drawn Boy – the last time I saw him do a benefit gig in a stadium, he totally sucked all the pleasure and momentum that had gone before him in one annoying folk song. A trick he repeated at the gig, partly by starting a song, then stopping a minute later and doing it again. Not something I’d noticed the first time around!

Aled Jones – perhaps a chance for Aled to take advantage of his status from Strictly Come Dancing and do some versions of recent pop/rock classics using his voice. But, alas no. I didn’t even know what songs he did!

Brian McFadden – the first person to provoke a swear word from me, for having the temerity to swear right at the beginning of a song. Why, Brian? You’re not a rock rebel, and you never will be.

Kelly Jones – what on earth prompted Kelly Jones to fly back from Barcelona, only to do lacklustre stripped-down versions of Stereophonics classics that the local crowd were desperate to hear? Marks also deducted for unnecessary swearing.

Manic Street Preachers – the masters of stadium rock come to show wanna-be’s like Kelly how it’s done. Acknowledge the cause very very briefly, and kick off with a rock classic. And another one. And another one. Just about the only time when I really really wished I’d been down there instead of babysitting a video encoder.

Liberty X – for heavens’ sake, EAT SOME FOOD! You are way too skinny!

Lulu – for ages, we weren’t sure if she’d done Shout (the song she is most famous for). We had to rewind the tape to check!

Eric Clapton was the grand finale. So did he brush up his guitar skills, and close the show with some grand guitar anthems? No. He bored everyone senseless with 30 minutes of aimless blues songs that even the resident blues expert had trouble identifying.

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