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How do you stop being a student?

How do you stop being a student?

My sister popped round briefly in the post-Christmas haze of festivities. Having spent a couple of days in her suburban house stuffed full of toys, cute crabs, pillows and other girly things, I thought it was a bit rich of her to turn around in my penthouse suite overlooking the river and announce imperiously: “You’re still living like a student!”

I’m still not sure by which she reached this statement – probably because I still live with flatmates, rent the flat and don’t own my own house. (Although of course, I do – it’s just not the one I live in). There are umpteen reasons why this is the case – because I don’t have the benefit of shacking up with a six-foot-tall bloke, mostly.

But according to greenfairydotcom, the hallmark of living like a student is accumulating stuff you just don’t want to throw away. So she’s embarked on a throwing-away exercise this weekend.

I might just join her. Unfortunately, my piles of mess are mostly either:

– boxes which I will need when I move out again. And no pesky flatmate is going to persuade me otherwise.

– newspaper articles from the pre-digtial era, which I keep promising to read before I do consign them to the recycle bin. Although I imagine in the pile there’s an article exploring Neville Chamberlain’s announcement of peace in our time. Thank God now for online archives and RSS feeds.

– books, and at least four piles of knee-high magazines which I will never get around to leaving but it’s nice to know they’re there for a rainy day.

– DVDs, video tapes and CDs – which I will never get around to watching but it’s nice to know they’re there for a rainy day.

I will be the male equivalent of the bag lady in about 20 years time. Or the annoying Indian alcoholic in my local pub. Help me, please.


  • I *do* own my own house (well, about 2.1% of it. The Halifax still has the rest) and I have *tons* of crap I'll never throw out. I also have a loft to hide lots of it in.

    Don't give in. Hoard. HOARD!

  • but who wants to live like a grown-up anyway? 🙂

  • Hell, never, ever, EVER get rid of books.

    I am struggling with some magazines I have from the early 1990's, still in the box they were put in when I moved in 1994. I am frightened to look at them, because I know I will just get sucked in, but I *can't* throw them away. They might come in useful one day.

    I am glad I now have a loft.

    Now I just need a six-foot-tall bloke to shack up with me and carry it all up the ladder!

  • I just want to know what knee-high magazines are!

    Seriously, have a good old throw out. You'll feel so much better – and have more room to start hoarding completely new stuff!

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