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The last time I trust iTunes

The last time I trust iTunes

Not knowing who every single band is on the setlist at Cardiff’s forthcoming Tsunami Relief benefit concert, I thought I’d better try and update myself as to what the cool kids of today are listening to. And iTunes has a handy sample of all music bands in the UK. Or so I thought.

A search on Embrace or Feeder on iTunes UK comes up with lots of bands, but none of them being the actual Embrace or Feeder. At least, as far as I know. Which is a shame.

On the other hand, I’m now noodling on the possibility of buying Keane or Snow Patrol. Which probably means I’ll be buying the NME next week, and tuning into XFM or BBC 6 Music…

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  • Don't panic, all the aforementioned bands are pop anyway – so you need not fear the curse of being a Muso just yet, you can still carry on buying Smash Hits and not fear a thing.

    The fact you use iTunes just reinforces your mainstream status – all the really cool bands' labels wouldn't sign up to iTunes as they are – and remain, the arch enemy of true artistic freedom and musical diversity. Another triumph of marketing over substance.

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