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What does it take to impress people? ;)

What does it take to impress people? ;)

One of the reasons I ended up working in what I do is because in my adolescent trapped-in-rural-Wales-mindset I could airily say something like “Yeah, I’m filming some backstage stuff this weekend” and those around me could coo, swoon and generally offer me lots of hugs and kisses and fantastic sex. Or maybe not.

Lately, bizarrely, work has been fantastic. I’ve been kept busy doing relatively interesting stuff for a change, and I’ve had to exercise video editing skills I haven’t really had to use since 1995. So I’m a bit rusty, but as a SoCal girl would say, it’s all good.

In addition to crafting bits of broadband video clips, it also looks as if I may have a very very minor role to play in coverage of a huge benefit concert this weekend. This inordinately impresses me. However, it has singuarly failed to impress my friends and colleagues around me. Which goes to show maybe I’m the only one impressed by what I do.

Now, what would really be impressive is for me to figure out when a date is a date. Or to make it to the gym.


  • Well, I was unimpressed because you refused to kill any of the crappy commercial bands you may happen to come across while working there.

    Now, if you'd been working backstage at Ozzfest or Donington then I'd have been offering you money, goods, favours and then resorting to threats to get me there with you.

  • if you manage to find out when a date is a 'date', please let me in on the secret.

  • I'm with Mosh on this one – it doesn't help that the music is crap.

    Oh, and I think if you were doing Ozzfest, remember I have bigger *assets* than Mosh……

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