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Do I want the Mac mini?

Do I want the Mac mini?

There is absolutely no reason why I need a Apple Mac mini. I already have a reasonably powerful PC, which meets pretty much all my digital media needs (aside from watching movies on my TV). It’s even fairly reliable, thanks to XP and I hardly ever see the blue screen of death. Although I have lost data on the thing thanks to my inability to figure out security.

The last time I had to use a Mac for work, it was a Power Macintosh G3 and it was so annoying – trying to write articles and make webpages – that I went up to my boss one day and demanded a PC or else I was leaving. (Hey, it was the new media boom period.)

But the tech boy in me wants to play with new gadgets, new toys. And the Mac mini seems to fit the bill. To try and figure out how to install programs, and to get to grips with a snazzy new interface. But without installing Linux, which seems a little too hardcore, with the danger that it might destroy all my personal data.

Or maybe I’m just incredibly shallow, want a piece of cool-looking technology just want to be one of the cool Apple crowd (Thanks, Diobach)

So to ask a silly question – what can I do with the Mac mini that I can’t already do with my existing PC? Aside from move it closer to my TV set…

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