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My dream relationship…

My dream relationship…

Last night, my flatmate stumbled in from the pub a tad the worse for wear for drink, and proceeded to grill me with respect to my life in this glorious city of ours, and the relationship between myself and the residents of this great city. So I proceeded to tell him, at length. Which flummoxed him somewhat.

I stumbled to bed, and had a great huge long saga of a dream (David Lean eat your heart out) of great heartbreak with some woman who I was presumably in love with.

Thusly I woke up this morning rather like the Jim Carrey character in Eternal Sunshine – not too sure why I’m feeling blue, and recovering from a memory of something that never existed in the first place.

The lesson is: Don’t think before you go to bed. And don’t eat cheese. Now I’m off to turn on the radio where every single song will be about great love or great heartbreak. 😉

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