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Will buying this CD make me look gay? ;)

Will buying this CD make me look gay? ;)

Alas, the Pet Shop Boys are my favourite musical artiste (last disappointing album notwithstanding). One of the best CDs they ever produced, however, wasn’t for them but for Liza Minelli: Results. To my mind, one of the best albums of the early 90s, and one of my great Sunday morning CDs.

But, you know what? Owning one Liza Minelli CD might be seen as an affirmation of buying music I like. Having two of the same one (even if one is a Special Edition) would be just plain daft. The Texas DVD/CD I bought is different, because the videos are astounding visually and Sharleen Spiteri’s just plain gorgeous πŸ˜‰

Fortunately I don’t have any musical CD soundtracks or Babs Streisand, nor do I have any intention of buying one (at this point). I used to frequent a fantastic entertainment pub quiz hosted by an occasional ghettoized drag queen in Club X. If she threw in a Babs Streisand round (as she was wont to do), then our team didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

Although one time, we actually won. Identifying a Kellis song was all it would have taken to win Β£200. Alas (ironically some might say), I missed one word in the title of the track. Out.


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