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Pre-birthday surprises and head massages

Pre-birthday surprises and head massages

Last day at work before Xmas break. Woo-hoo. H arranged a works meeting for 2pm, so I turn up in full meeting mode. Suddenly get taken to the health department where I’m told I’ve been booked in for an Indian head massage as a surprise birthday present. Which was certainly a surprise – the best, and most thoughtful surprise I’d ever had.

As for the head massage, it was eerily strange, but I seemed to relax very quickly, and almost doze off. Could almost have been hypnotised, I wouldn’t have known it. And kinda erotic as well – the masseur took her jumper off behind me, and my brain was consumed for the next 2 mins with the thought that she could be topless. In the middle of work, of course. And of course, it’s the most intimate touch I’ve had in 2002 (unless some major thing happens in the next 7 days). Which is sad.

So after that, I was still walking around in a relaxed mode, but had to go back into work mode v. quickly because I bumped into various sods who wanted things done, and H wanted my help setting things up down at a Winter Wonderland thing. So went down there, helped her, got back to work, finished off some docs and finally left work about 8pm.

After a bit more protracted Xmas shopping, turned up at WW, waited for the people to do their thang, supped on mulled wine in between watching H work the sad crowds, and her amazing ability to get on with people from all walks of life. Just not something I have – nor the other folks working there, for that matter. Took some pics.

Then eventually we made it into the RW party, by which time was in full swing. We ate some lukewarm food, drank at least three bottles of really terrible wine. But it eventually got us into a convival mood – although H was a bit shocked when someone mentioned in passing that the boss thought we were dating each other.

Somehow ended up talking to the pink brigade at RW – maybe they think I’m one of them, must ask G if there’s any sociological connection between gay folks and the “alternative unwanted”, for want of a better phrase. H went home and I left 30 mins later.

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