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The perils of knowing someone for 10 years…

The perils of knowing someone for 10 years…

It’s dangerous knowing people who are Photoshop and new media experts. Combine the two, together with three years at the same course in University, two slightly different paths in life and the results are … interesting. Especially when he took it upon himself to design a header graphic for my blog – which is an amazing amalgamation of my student and present-day media obsessions.

What amazes me is that ten years have gone. He went out with some of the slightly cooler women on the course. His life has taken him to lecturing at new media conferences on the other side of the world, having high-powered jobs with “Editor” in the title of them, and then decamping to rural France with his wife to raise their child. All while maintaining his broad Lancashire accent.

Yet, he still has enough memory to construct said graphic. Which is scary, but slightly salty-sweet at the same time. And he dusts it off in three hours while watching BBC television.

It’s a great graphic, perhaps a little too on-the-nose and I have issues with the bamboo font ever since my student radio show was advertised with that font by someone who wasn’t exactly aware of the trouble with cliches.

I just can’t decide whether to use it or not. Or adapt it perhaps. Certainly, I don’t feel the burning need to have Max Boyce on my header graphic. What do you think?

Thank you, Michael. I think.


  • Is that The Young Ones? Rad.

  • Use it! Come on, not so long ago you were contemplating growing Tony Leung 'Hero' style whiskers, so it's fair to have chop-socky graphics. I think. Why not use it? It doesn't have to be forever. And thank goodness those spotlights have gone, they looked dreadful on my Powerbook screen.

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