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Three-min silence: News versus reality

Three-min silence: News versus reality

As I blog, the UK Three-minute silence for victims is currently under way, if you believe BBC News 24. The reality of the office is somewhat different.

On the stroke of 12pm, someone’s mobile phone went off with the Warner Brothers sting. There are two people at the other end of the office having a conversation. Someone’s desk phone just rang.

To be honest, I hate these “enforced” moments of silence. Not because I have every ounce of sympathy over the terrible tragedy (and other useless words) that has unfolded – but mainly because I get a quivering of the chin/jaw just watching the news footage. If I had to think about the tragedy for three mintues, I’d probably bawl my eyes out. Which would not be a good thing.

Then again, I’m very very lucky that I don’t need to think about it at all.

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