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My first crush

My first crush

A recent posting reminded me of who my first crush was on.

At the tender age of 11, I recall fancying Lucinda Dickey from Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo. Looking back on those pics, I have no idea why. No breasts to speak of. No glint of a smile in the eyes. Maybe it was just the way she moved and danced in those days.

Which probably means that today’s eleven-year-olds are badly crushing on all the women in Eric Prydz’s Call On Me video. Poor sods.


  • Mine was on Atreyu (sp??) from the Neverending Story! I told my mum I wanted to marry him. Unfortunately I think that film marked both the beginning and the end of his movie career – I haven't seen him since so have been unable to propose 🙂

  • sheff

    She's a minx. Don't remember you mentioning her at the time though. Can't think why you might have been afraid to bring that sort of thing up in 1st year at school……

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