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Why being quoted cost me a New Years Eve night out

Why being quoted cost me a New Years Eve night out

About 18 months ago, I made the mistake of deriding a local author’s claims of Cardiff multi-culturalism. He was kind enough to respond back, and to threaten to include me in his next book. Unfortunately, he carried out his threat.

Cardiff may be the capital city of Wales with 300,000 people but I seem to be (unfortunately) well connected. (A problem I never had in London). I seem exceptionally prevalent to having my own words thrown back at me by comparative strangers in Cardiff – and D mentioned that a friend of his had spotted the reference in the book, and asked if it was me.

Which propelled me into the nightmare scenario of being trapped in a Cardiff pub on New Years’ Eve, fending off questions about this sodding blog from well-meaning strangers and D.

I wrote this blog just for the hell of it and to make new friends, not to have to justify my opinions in a crowded Cardiff pub. There’s my virtual life, and my real life. Although lately, I have literally discoverd that every other conversation topic seems to revolve around something in the blog.

So I didn’t go to said pub in the end, and stayed in. Grrr. But then, I had one of my best New Years’ Eve nights watching the final episodes of Frasier, Friends, Seinfeld and Sex And The City on E4. Result!

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