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Bah bloody humbug

Bah bloody humbug

The sheer lunacy of Christmas dawned on me today when I battled the crowds to get some bread and wine. Some chap was standing on the street advertising “shopping massages” designed to relieve you from the stress of shopping.

Why is shopping stressful? No-one’s forcing you to go shopping for heavens’ sake. Shopping is something most of the non-Western world would look upon with envy. You shouldn’t get so wound up by shopping you need a massage afterwards! If you hate the crowds, shop online or just don’t bother.

How sad has Western society gotten when you need to relax while ostensibly preparing for the great holiday season?

There are many many reasons I hate December. Mainly the forced jollility that’s enforced on everyone – the shopping that you have to do with a smile. Plus, with everything else going on in December, it’s a very brutal way of reminding you just where you stand on the social scale of life, and how life has progressed since last December.

On that note, I’m hibernating.

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