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Still can't decide on a holiday!

Still can't decide on a holiday!

Warning, this is more to attempt to clear my befuddled head rather than entertain, so it’ll be even more of a stream of unconsciousness as usual…

I’ve finally booked my time off to use up my leave, but still have no idea where to go or what to do. Every option that I can see has huge downsides and no upsides, aside from the fact I’m not at work. To whit:

Staying in Cardiff – why do that, when I live here and it’s probably the cause of half my stress? Then again, it’s a very very cheap option.

Go to my mum’s – Again, a very very cheap option. Except it’ll be duller than Belgium, being with my mum and there won’t even be any broadband or Internet access to relieve me from the tedium.

Sun – Relaxing, but I’d probably go mad after 5 days with nothing to do but lie in the sun and read. Plus my body isn’t conducive towards lying in the sun, and my brain isn’t too brilliant at nattering to people in a random bar afterwards.

Snow/ski – Active and invigorating, but my body and ego didn’t cope too well with ski-ing last time. Plus the same problem about chatting to people in a random bar afterwards.

City break – it’ll be active and invigorating, but very tiring and expensive. Plus the same problem about chatting to people in a random bar afterwards, but magnified because no-one else will be on holiday!

Of course it doesn’t help that some friends bitterly complain about either having no time, nor the money to go on holiday. I’ve got both. I just have no clue what to do.

Then again, I can’t even work up the motivation to go to the gym or Chinese class. Sounds like I need a holiday. But I can’t decide where to go, even though I’ve finally booked the time off etc. etc. etc.

Oy. vey.


  • I am about not to help some more, you are lucky, get drunk and decide, nowhere you've ever really wanted to go?
    Also getting drunk is good advice for the whole bar problem, conversation is never that hard once you've had a few, or you could take me on holiday, i'm nice.

  • None of us poor Uhmerkins with lousy 2 week (or less…or none) vacations and crappy pay and a weak dollar feel your pain right now 🙂

  • tamper

    Not wanting to be a harbinger of doom, but is going on holiday the right thing to do right now, what with axes falling at the Beeb and all?

    Last time I took a holiday from work, I found there was no job to go back to!

  • lass, (assuming you are a lass!), of course drunken conversation is easy for you. People want to listen to drunken women. A solo drunk man at a bar, though, isn't exactly scintillating company for anyone!

  • I have other reasons for not taking a holiday right now, but can't divulge them at present.

    True, though, I'm skint and have just booked my one last remaining day's holiday for the 21st under the company's generous "use it or lose it" policy.

    P.S. could you change the link so it points to my blog rather than my front page? Ta 🙂

  • everyone

    I can't believe anyone is dignifying this drivel with a response. Before you leap on me I'm responding to the respondees not to this obviously self obsessed sad wanker. You've got the time. You've got the money. Great. Piss off somewhere with no internet access. Save everyone the cringey pain of your witless whinings…

  • So why are you reading it? 😉

  • everyone

    Lacking comprehension skills? See below.

    "Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action". – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • I agree

    Everyone – you're on the money. Andrew – stop moaning. If nowhere grabs your fancy, stay at home. If you want to go somewhere, do it. There are quite a few different places in the world you can visit, you know.

    What you're revealing is that you have no imagination whatsoever and can't hold a conversation with people you don't know. Even getting drunk in a bar is a mystery you can't unravel. Come on, man – you're 31! How long are you going to behave like a teenager? Boggles the mind.

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