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Bloody Manchester…

Bloody Manchester…

For some bizarre reason, Manchester has figured prominently in my life today.

First off, there are the new BBC plans for a Manchester move. This is, at the end of the day, highly unlikely to affect me. Shame really, since a move to Manchester means I could theoretically stalk my Dad, and figure out just what he’s up to.

For the last five winters, my parents have flown to Hong Kong. Whilst there, my father goes off to “run a factory” in Southern China – which in reality probably means lots of gambling, drinking and other mid-life-crisis activities, leaving my mum to sit at their Hong Kong home watching Chinese TV. Then she’ll come back to the family home by herself and – watch Chinese TV.

This year, my parents are in the UK for once this Christmas. But instead of spending Christmas with the disaprate family, he’s decided he’d much rather spend Christmas with his mates in Manchester. Again, leaving my mum at home. Guess who has to babysit the family this Christmas?

Families. Don’t you love them?

Christmas spirit is in very short supply in my life this year. Bah hum and bug.

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