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Computer! Kaput! :(

Computer! Kaput! :(

my computer decided to blow up last week (while I was looking at the DVD drive), so I’ve been at the computer repair shop trying to get it fixed. Ended up doing a virtual transplant on it so now I have a “funky” looking computer with aluminium casing and retro glowing lights. Cross between the 1970s and the 2000s. Well, I like it. It’s supposedly three times as fast but doesn’t seem like it thus far. And the DVD drive still doesn’t work.

Otherwise, it’s been a mixture of hard work and hard shopping, courtesy of H and her constant shopping expeditions. I never knew someone who could hit three supermarkets in one night looking for more and more presents. And alas, I was just going to get her a knick-knack or two, but apparently she’s bought me some computer games for a console I don’t own (was talking about getting an X-Box from my sister but my dying computer kinda nixed that) so I’ll have to try and equal the stakes on that score.

Had to take photos for a Radio Wales OB near her old home so we ended up staying there the night, and her parents have an amazing home. Well, for this part of the world. Not quite as amazing as your Aunt in Florida but still… even met her grandparents who tortured me by speaking only in Welsh for the first 10 mins, listening to my “cute Welsh” (apparently) before they let me off the hook.

Got two work parties to go to over the next two nights, which I’m not looking forward to. The usual “distance friendship” shenanigans, and of course, one person at work definitely hates me. Everyone says so. Except said person is the “cool” one allegedly. But you’ve got to go I s’pose, and at least it’s free drinks. I think that’ll be one of the main problems with working from home for you – total lack of work parties and all that rot.

Saturday D’s having a surprise birthday party thrown on him – which happens to be my birthday, so I can go along and pretend I guess! Then it’ll be off home for at least a week, when I can hopefully sort out all my New York photos and all the other crud that’s accumulated over the month on my digital camera. H and her current dating companion (what a mouthful! I hope that never becomes a generic term) are off to Amsterdam for New Years’ Eve, and have invited me along, but hotel prices start at around £150 a night at that point, so that may be a terrible idea.

Oh, I haven’t shaven since New York in a misguided attempt to grow a moustache or beard, but it isn’t exactly working out. As soon as I can get someone to take a pic I’ll show you!

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