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Head rubs – good or bad?

Head rubs – good or bad?

One huge bone of contention in my life is head-rubs – good or bad?

One faction says it’s a sign of good-natured affection. The other says it’s an incredibly patronising gesture that shows your place compared to the head-rubber – usually downwards.

What do you think?


  • It makes me feel like a dog.


  • Depends who's doing it. Frankly, if I'm in the right mood, I *love* having my head rubbed.

  • oohh, noogies. EWWW! my dad used to do this to me when i was a child and i hated it. between that and having my hair pulled as a child forced to spend eight hours a day with cruel brats who had nothing better to do, is it any wonder i hate people touching my head?

  • I say it depends on the person and how it's done.

  • As I'm a very short person, I'm used to being rubbed on the head in both a patronising, and a loving kind of way.

    For me, it depends who is doing it, how it makes me feel.

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