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I love London in winter, how about you?

I love London in winter, how about you?

Was in London on Friday for an interesting discussion about Wikipedia and its possibilities, which set my head dreaming of ideas, as per usual.

Which gave me the excuse to walk around London town for an evening afterwards, surfing with the crowds, breathing in that chilly but invigorating winter London air (as opposed to the slightly damp Cardiff air), gawping at the pretty lights all around, and totally failing to find the Apple Store UK on Regent Street (the crowds must have hidden it from me).

Also had dinner with my old Shepherds Bush neighbour, although the list of friends I have in London (at least the ones who fancy a drink) seems to get smaller and smaller as the years go by. Which is a shame. He did regale me with stories of what the neighbours were getting up to, who they lusted after and so on which was highly amusing.

Then it was time for the last train home, sharing a carriage with professional drunks who were busy leering up the available train talent.

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