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Margaret Cho in London !!!

Margaret Cho in London !!!

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Margaret Cho – one of the funniest stand-up comedians on the planet (who happens to be Asian-American, my role-model if I actually thought I had any skills at stand-up) – is doing a London residency at the New Players Theatre this month ?!

When she’s on form and on topic, no-one can beat her and her comedy personas. Although I’m probably biased. She does do an uncanny impersonation of my (and most of my relatives’ mums). That is, if my mum ran a gay bookstore in San Francisco and was slightly more talkative than dry paint.

However, she sometimes mistakes her stage for a pulpit on non-liberal America and she’s politically pinker than Peter Tatchell. I saw her at the Edinburgh Festival one year and most of her references were US-centric and went way over the head of the audience. Interesting how she’ll go down in London – not very well by the looks of things so far.

If you’re in London, go. If you’re not in London, go to London and then go. Especially when you can get £10 off tickets, which brings it down to the bargain (!) price of £20.

Any Margaret Cho fans likely to be in London come 21 December? 🙂


  • Sorry Andy – there on the 16th!

  • I love this line from the review:

    "But then adopting a posturing stance is what Cho does best. Not only does she wear her bleeding heart on her sleeve, she virtually erects a flashing neon sign saying ‘liberal here’ pointing to it."

    More proof (as if any were needed) of the absolute void that is popular criticism. She's a friggen comedian! What does he/she expect?

    On a personal level, I have a hard time relating to her comedy, as I am neither of Asian decent, nor a flaming fag-hag, but I can appreciate her timing and wit. Did you ever see her sitcom? I'm sure you heard of it, as the story of her decent into whored-out hell afterwards was well documented, mostly by her in her comedy special 3 years ago. But that was a great show.

    Great sitcoms always tank in America, not because Americans don't appreciate great humor, but because the sitcom is such a trash medium, people don't know how to react to one that breaks the mold. (Get A Life, Action, Hooperman, etc…)

  • Sheff

    As someone who saw the same Festival show you did I would say don't bother. Too much of a single-issue "I'm in several minority groups all at once and that in itself is funny enough to sustain a 40 minute show" type comedian.

    But then the yank-centric stuff probably meant more to you than it did me. And she was better than that London muslim female comic we saw this year.

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