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Karate Kid – the musical!

Karate Kid – the musical!

It’s Karate, Kid the Musical! – only in New York.

When I was a kid, I (along with probably every other Western-Chinese kid) was tortured by school demons imitating Mr. Miyagi, and doing the whole wax-on/wax-off motif.

Now they’ve made a song out of it. Unsurprisingly, for a musical that plugs itself as being about “Honor. Friendship. Fisting.”, it’s amazingly camp-sounding.

Also unsurprisingly, there’s not a single Asian-American in the cast. I await the angry mobs of unemployed Asian-American actors with interest.

It’s stuff like this that just made me wish I lived in New York. (spotted via boing boing)

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  • Actually my friend, the fact that there are no Asian's in the show is part of the whole campiness that our show represents. We mean no offense to anyone and we actually did have an asian in the show until she dropped out. I urge everyone to see the show before judging it. It will be worth your time and you will be pleasently surprised.

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