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My night with the stars in Cardiff

My night with the stars in Cardiff

H & M get a lot of undeserved stick from me for my sheer lack of tolerance towards flatmates and other people (especially people with a love of zombie films). However, they came up trumps by graciously getting me a ticket to the backstage gala party at the Wales Millennium Centre opening celebrations. After we’d watched the gala from the warmth of our living room.

Of course we had to stand outside the WMC huddled in the cold, until the great and good (ie the Queen) had enjoyed their gala moment and left the building. There was a policeman stood there filming us with a little digicamera while we were waiting for the Queen to leave. In case we turned out to be evil fundamentalist Islamist single-father terrorists.

Once the Queen, Charlie, her black limo and entourage of four blue motorcycles had swept past, we were easily allowed in to the party. Which was quite impressive – all the great and good from Welsh media, arts and politics were there (Shows how acclimatised I’ve gotten to Cardiff when I start recognising people) in their black tie. And me in my leather jacket. There was even an ice sculpture of the WMC along one side.

At first the buffet food was Indian but as the lager and wine flowed, that got replaced with hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. Why can’t more party functions think of that? Still waiting for the lava bread and cawl though.

Star-tastic moments included seeing:
– Charlotte Church flitting to and fro. At one point, her high heels collapsed and so she sat down, triumphantly produced some superglue from her handbag, and glued her heels back together.
– Jonathan Pryce, occasionally posing for the cameras. He did say “excuse me” to M as he walked past her.
– Gabi Roslin surging past us. One of our party went up to her and said “Are you Welsh?”. Gaby said no, and the person screeched back “So what the hell are you doing here?”. Charming welcome.

When is the right time to cheekily ask for a pose with a celeb?

There was one stunningly attractive tall woman there – and I kept trying to work out who she was. Someone that attractive must be someone relatively known, but we couldn’t figure it out.

H and I both had random strangers come up to us and greet us as if we were long-lost friends when, truth be told, we had no idea who they were. Really must upgrade my facial recognition skillz.

Pics up later. If you’re remotely interested.


  • Charlotte Church *and* Gaby ROslin in one place at the same time? Amazed their wasn't a sexy woman black hole incident.

    Ms Church – gorgeous, but thick as shit. Gaby… now she's a babe. Lovely to look at and a brain to go with it. Mmmmm….

    Did you get a snippet of hair I could make a clone from?

  • where are the pictures? =)

  • Yes, show us the pix! Especially of the mystery woman (if you have one of her). Not that /I'm/ likely to know who she is.


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