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4 years in the making but no decent microphone?

4 years in the making but no decent microphone?

Watching the coverage of the Wales Millennium Centre gala opening in Cardiff. Amusing to see the Royal family not singing along to the British/English (what country does it belong to?) National Anthem.

The building’s been umpteen years in the making, £120m of funding – and they couldn’t find Sian Phillips a decent microphone so that she could be heard on the tv coverage while delivering the opening address.


  • If it was "god save the queen", then it's technically both the English *and* the British national anthem. Which sucks as it's bloody awful. Can't we have "Land of Hope and Glory" as the English one instead? Or change to the Sex Pistol's version?

  • Of course the Royal family don't join in the singing of the Anthem. By convention, the Queen should not, as our anthem is designed as a hymn to her as sovereign, and quite often the others do not join in too, although they may, if they wish.

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