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What I want for Christmas

What I want for Christmas

If there’s one thing that I want for Christmas that you can buy for under £400, then this HDD / DVD Pioneer recorder would be it.

Just think, I could pause live TV, record TV whenever I wanted at the push of a button (no more nasty tapes!) and then transfer to DVD whenever I wanted at the push of another button.

Never mind the totally relevant fact that I hardly ever do any VCR recordings any more, mostly because of my lack of time. I can see at least 10 tapes I need to get round to watching at some point.

Plus of course, it would render my current DVD setup useless. The DVD setup that I upgraded six months ago – and I still can’t get rid of my hulk of a Dolby Pro-Logic (analogue? Soooo 90s!) system.

Also, for £100 and some extra cables trailing around the room, I could do the same thing using my PC. Or just tape to VCR and get a mate to do the conversion.

If I wanted it, I’d have to buy it myself. And with the threat (yet again) of redundancy hanging over my head (this would be my third in ten years), blowing £400 on something like this might be a bad idea.

But man, the idea of recording TV at the push of a button. Any music video I like the look of – I can just archive it, justlikethat. Plus I can leave it permanently recording, and then if there’s something I want to keep, I can go back to edit it … *drool*

Techno toys. That’s what I need to make up for the stress, stillness of life, my inability to decide on a holiday, my inability to get excited about my impending birthday / Christmas / barmitzvah etc.

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  • We've had the North American equilvalent for 18 months and it has totally revolutionalised our tv viewing. No more crappy filler tv, as we just 'TiVo' the shows we want to watch and view them in our own time. The season pass option is great as you can rest assured that your favourite shows will get recorded even if you stay at the pub for that *last pint*.

    Don't even get me started on how great it is to pause the show you are watching – to run out and get coffee, discuss it or google something that is bugging you.

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