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The doctor gave me stress!

The doctor gave me stress!

Prior to this morning’s health check-up, I was relatively relaxed, if resigned, to my various ills in life (redundancy, reluctance and lack of resolution). Wasn’t particularly stressed about anything.

Post the morning check-up and my doctor’s alarming words, I’ve noticed I’ve become much more stressed. To the point when I got bizarrely emotionally involved over an exceedingly dull issue.

It’s all the doctor’s fault I say. If she hadn’t told me about my alleged stress problems, then I wouldn’t be stressed thinking about it. I’d have gone on my merry way, perhaps popping into the gym. Except now I’ll probably be barred from it on account of my foaming mouth, grunts and wild-eyed stares.

I was actually thinking I needed more enjoyable stress in life. Things to get excited, perturbed, and passionate about. Instead of playing Halo for three hours and watching Aliens vs. Predator twice. I also need to reformat the PC and reinstall Windows soon because of a bloody virus.

Maybe I need a holiday. I’ve got seven days to take off before the end of the year. But I can’t decide where to go – and I’m getting slightly stressed over that. Not to mention Christmas – four weeks to go from today, if you hadn’t noticed. And I hadn’t. Now what am I going to get my parents?

But I’m not stressed.

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