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Bloody spammers

Bloody spammers

In one month, the excellent MT-Blacklist plug-in blocked out 24,505 attempts at spamming this very site. Which is insane.

I know where I stand in the weblogging community. I’m not anyone remotely important – or anyone of any standing within the UK blogerati. This is a small weblog that was meant to reach out to the world, and get my writing juices flowing again, but alas mainly entertains people who already know me. People who shouldn’t be reading this weblog, by the way. But I digress, and digest.

How the and‘s of the web cope, I just do not know.

Guaranteed, if I go away for a weekend, I’ll come back to find 100 emails in my spam-free box. Of which 95 will turn out to be spams that got past MT-Blacklist and into my weblog. It is very frustrating.

Anyone got any other handy hints or tips on how to avoid being spammed?


  • 1) Never publish your email address anywhere. This includes of the format "" or "" and so on. Lot of spambots will spot these and remove them anyway.

    2) Especially never use it on usenet.

    3) Avoid ISPs who give you a stupid email address as default, such as Automailers can easily start at aaaa00 and work through to zzzz99. Of my spam, about 80-85% goes direct to my Pipex address which I never use and never have used. So it's easy to filter and bin.

    4) If you use Outlook, get ahold of SpamBayes (Google for it). It's a plug in that "learns" what you class as a spam. After about a week, I had it running very well. After 12 months, everything that goes into the "spam" box never gets manually looked at. I get maybe 5 a week into "possible spam", of which 4 will be spam. On a bad week 2 spams will reach my inbox. Of course, this is of no use with my webmail.

    5) Use an ISP who provide spam protection as part of the package. I am looking at migrating to one as Pipex just don't seem to give a crap.

  • Very handy link you gave there, to the MT Blacklist.

    I have just installed it, as I seem to be getting between 3 and 5 spam comments everyday. It's getting increasingly annoying.

    It took me ages to set it up though…actually, it took me ages to realise that I'd downloaded wrong version of it, because I forget that I'd upgraded to MT 3.0D. 😉

  • But none of the above will have any effect on MT comment spam.

    It can't have anything to do with popularity, because I get loads of spam, and my blog's in Welsh and therefore hugely unpopular with all but the most rabid nationalists. The plug-in helps, but I still have to spend a few minutes each day deleting the new shit, and updating the blacklist. I'm starting to think about going back to Blogger, to tell you the truth.

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