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Goldie Looking Chain vs Cymraeg

Goldie Looking Chain vs Cymraeg

It’s only just dawned on me that for most of the UK populace (ie non-Welsh people outside of Wales), Goldie Looking Chain is their idea of Welsh culture and living, as opposed to Cymraeg, the Eisteddfod etc.

Discuss. If you feel so inclined. That is, if you’re bothered about what people outside Wales think of Wales.

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  • I am indeed so inclined, but not really that bothered. What's important (to me, YMMV) is what people *inside* think of Wales. GLC pose no threat to the Welsh language, and they did a DJ gig at this year's Eisteddfod – in Newport, as I'm sure you knows.

    I don't think that Welsh language culture needs to worry about what non-Welsh speaking people – here and over the border – *think* of it, but it might be a good idea to make people more aware of it's existence. How aware is the average Cardiffian of the Welsh language rock scene, for instance? What about your indie kids – who are more likely to have heard Sigur Rós than Jakakoyak?

    The powers-that-think-they-be are trying to sell the idea of a bilingual Eisteddfod as the only way to save our main cultural event, telling us that the only way to overcome the fear of the other in the majority culture, is for the minority culture to become less other. How'd you feel about Gay Pride being a bit less, you know, gay? What if that would bring in more sponsorship? Surely for an extra wad of cash from Tesco nobody would mind dressing down a bit so as not to freak out the straights?

    Right. That's the level of vision we're stuck with.

    There was an excellent article on an an outsider’s perspective of the 2004 Eisteddfod which hit the nail on the head:

    "Some of the conversations I had turned to the future success of these artists. Some came to the depressingly realistic conclusion that the mainstream still isn’t interested in Welsh-language music. In my opinion, is just a travesty, and an insult. For a band like Pep Le Pew to go largely unnoticed on the whole just seems like a crime. A couple of these records might have made it on to John Peel (RIP), but that’s about it. Considering I saw more passion and dexterity in a week than I would have seen in a year’s worth of gigs, this is a shame – but the majority’s loss. I had a great week, and I can’t wait until next year."

    Ah, no HTML in comments, very wise 😉

    The article:


    Pep Le Pew:

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