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*whisper* Bardex Bardex Bardex

*whisper* Bardex Bardex Bardex

Whatever you do on the Internet tonight, now and forever, don’t use the name of the enema equipment company Bardex. Why? Their lawyers will track you down like the trademark-thieving dog that you are. Even on an erotic story forum.

ASCII by Jason Scott is a text repository, and hosts some ancient erotic stories from the backyears of the Internet. Some of them include erotic enema stories (as yer do) and some of them refer to enema stories. Which has got the company behind Bardex annoyed enough to send threatening letters. Which has got enema forums (Not Safe For Work) worried.

What I want is that job at Bardex HQ where a legal brain is spending all day reading through enema porn, just to ensure that no struggling writer is using that trademark in vain. because if one were to use the word Bardex in an unflattering context, those lawyers would come down on you like a ton of Bardex enemas, saying “Use of our client’s trademark to identify enema equipment in erotic fiction is likely to cause confusion”

(spotted via the non-enema-using Boing Boing, who spotted it via the potentially enema-using Fleshbot).

Oh, and Bardex. Bardex. Bardex.

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  • Yeesh. You'd think they'd be praising the porn-writers. It's all free advertising, isn't it? I suppose the lawyers jumped in before the advertising guys got hold of it.

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