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Why are charity records worse and worse?

Why are charity records worse and worse?

I hate to say it, but charity records are just getting worse and worse – just when they need to get better.

Chris Moyles unveiled Band Aid 20 this morning, and I’ve only just listened to it.

It has absolutely no passion, no zeal, no emotion. It’s a listless Sunday school choir mouthing the words. The guitar solos make it sound as if Status Quo were playing next door and there was some interference, and the rap just makes you remember late-80s-music when every pop record had to have a rap section.

To be fair, they had to do something different for Band Aid 20 – nobody really remembers Band Aid 1989 because it was exactly the same as the original song, but this new version (on first play) hits all the wrong notes. In the wrong order. I think I’ll just donate money to Band Aid direct instead.

There’s also another charity single doing the rounds – Girls Aloud covering the Pretenders’ I’ll Stand By You for BBC Children In Need. It sounds OK if bland, but the music video that goes along with it just makes no real sense – the five ladies standing in an apocalyptic landscape. But covered in make-up and skimpy rags.

And don’t even get me started on Jamelia‘s travesty of a cover of the excellent Stop, as originally and fantastically done by Sam Brown. She’s just sucked all the emotion out of the song. If you haven’t heard it, go and check it out.

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