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You could not make this up

You could not make this up

Spotted at a posh Chinese restaurant. “Fook Kin” is apparently a region of China.


  • One restaurant I went to once had "Human Prawns" on the menu, which certainly freaked out my friends at the time. I tried reassuring them it was meant to be "Hunan" but they were too sceptical.

    Oh, and there's of course the legendary tale of the takeaway restaurant called Ho Lee Fook. I refuse to believe it actually ever existed.

  • why don't i ever get to see funny stuff like that? i think the funniest thing (and it's really not so) was a sign that said, poultry in motion.

    rather a letdown, after the fook kin fried rice.

  • Hey Chris!

    Ho Lee Fook was a Chinese restaurant off the Kings Road in Chelsea.. Fook is a chinese word to do with good food and the place was owned by a Mr Lee and a Mr Ho – So rest assured, it did actually exist.

    If you find that hard to believe, within about 1/2 a mile on Kings Road is a place called Pucci Pizza

    And – almost directly opposite Pucci's is a boot shop called "R Soles"

    Another case of truth being stranger than fiction..

    Bon appetit!

  • Mark Thompson

    I ate at Ho Lee Fook – if my memory serves me correctly it was in the first part of the New Kings Road just as you go into it from the Kings Road – (on the same side as The Roebuck pub and about 100 yards or so down from SEX, Malcom McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's punk shop. I don't think anybody believes me these days – it was a long time back now… There have been various Lee Ho Fook restaurants in Chinatown, Soho and other parts of London over the years.

    • Mike Crosse

      I was in London 1987-1988 and I too remember the restaurant. With a name like that and the play on words into English, who could forget!!

  • Maurice

    It gets a mention in Warren Zeavon's "Werewolves of London."

  • Maria

    The Ho Lee Fook most certainly existed and I ate there many times. It was on the Kings Road just where it joined the New Kings Road.

  • It used to make me laugh – the name changed to Lee Ho Fook after some residents complained I believe – it was a good place to visit after a few in The Roebuck….

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