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I need your recommendations!

I need your recommendations!

My sister would like some kind of portable digital photo sharing/viewing gizmo for Christmas. Something which can transfer digital photos from her camera to the gizmo, and then store the images on the gizmo so she can play back on the TV set, view via an LCD panel or do some other stuff later.

Any suggestions?

While I’m here, I’m looking for some free SMTP software so I can send email without having to rely on my notoriously unreliable ISP. Any other suggestions?


  • I've just been going through SMTP hell myself. When I'm desperate I use "localsrv" (which I also use at work when sending bulk e-mail to our clientele), (Supposedly it costs $49 but I've never had to register it.)

    As for your sister–sure her camera won't plug in to the telly directly? I didn't realise it but even my old camera had this capability. I never read manuals so I miss a lot of features. There's a lesson in that, somewhere.

  • She also wants something that'll store photographs. She went to new York and went through *FOUR* 256 Mb CF cards in a week.

  • What about a photo ipod?

  • SanDisk SDV1-A — $38 US on Amazon, and add a big ol' compact flash card with it.

    I also saw two pocket pc-esque devices yeterday, both for playing mp3s, viewing videos and staring at photos on a good size LCD screen, with considerable storage space. One by Creative and one by some unknown company.

    Creative Zen Portable Media Center — 20GB hard drive, plus USB for media transfer: $472 at Amazon. The no-name is probably cheaper, and basically the same.

  • Shari

    I can burn DVD slideshows…. is that what you are looking for?

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