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Do all Asians look alike?

Do all Asians look alike?

An enterprising designer has done a test to see what your facial recognition skills are like (particularly with Chinese/Japanese/Korean folk) in All Look Same.

Given that I have atrocious face/people-recognition skills, I took the test. And I got 9 out of 18, which I think is pretty bad. But I’m apparently above average. What did you get?


  • I got 4 (Hopeless – might as well toss a coin). 7 is average.

    Some of the women though…. wow, nice! 🙂

  • I got a 4!?!!? And I grew up with many asian in SF!! OMG.

  • I got 8. but only because I live in Los Angeles & love Korean food…I think I need some now!

    (Ever since the election, I have not been able to…never mind!)

  • P.S. Apparently, all Japanese now have
    weird dyed hair 😉

  • Very bad
    Obviously you can't tell the difference.

    You: 6
    Average: 7

    — Not exactly a fair test, as they threw some guys making goofy faces in there. At least they were kind enough to make sure the two blonde guys were indeed Japanese, and the bald guy was indeed Chinese, according to strict stereotypical rules.

    In my defense, as a white guy who counts a Korean among his closest friends and who works with Chinese and Japanese IT guys daily and should know better, can anyone tell the difference between Norwegian, Hungarian, and German? I can't.

  • *harumph* I got 9, sirrah. Are you demeaning my honour? 😉

  • That American Chic

    I got a 7 as well. This is why I just don't guess! …unless someone has a last name that's obvious like Chen or Lee…but even then…I play it safe.

  • i got 4. i'm disgusted at myself considering australia is so "multicultural" and there are millions of international students at my uni

  • i got seven correct.

  • I saw a show on A&E where a black man was convicted of a crime after being identified by a white woman but she was wrong! They said they have found it's harder for people to differentiate between other races. So you'd be better at spotting the differences in Chinese faces and I'd be better at the white ones apparently.

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