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Blind faith versus reason

Blind faith versus reason

As many bloggers, and news
analysts have pointed out, the recent US election wasn’t the same old battle between left and right, Democrat and Republican. It was between faith and reason, between metro America and retro America.

If you’d told me that four years into the new millennium that the most powerful country in the world would embrace religion, faith, belief and gung-ho isolationism over diplomacy, science and the international community, I’d wonder who had put what in your tea. But I guess I’m wrong. Although to be fair, we’re mostly talking about the 58m people who voted for Bush.

The worrying trend is how this faith fundamentalism – I’m right, you’re wrong despite all the facts and reasoned argument – is spilling into other areas of my life. From city pride to nationalism, film and music – my opinions and reasoned thoughts don’t matter to those with pride and faith. I’m just wrong, plain and simple, and that’s all there is to it. Which makes making any kind of argument or discussion a futile gesture at best, and a depressing stress-inducing one at worst.

And now, as the night draws closer to darkness earlier and earlier (whose clever idea was it to hold an election when most of us are struggling to go back to Daylight Savings Time or whatever its called) – I’m going to sit back and try to cheer myself up with Things Can Only Get Better – a darkly funny memoir of one man’s times as the right-wing dominated UK politics between 1979 to 1997. Of course, now the so-called new left dominate British politics, and things have pretty much stayed the same.


  • My finger has been dangling over my keyboard all day. I don't know why I can't log my "I told you so" entry today. Guess I feel kinda guilty.

    I read some Guardian UK today and marvelled at just how little non-Americans know about Americans. Is it true that _anyone_ thought Kerry had a chance yesterday? Was that just hopeful optimism or genuine belief?

    Read also a quote from an Italian screenwriter expressing the belief that Italians should participate in US elections. Osama releases an 11th hour appeal to Americans to not vote Bush, please. The democrats failed, repeatedly, to not only make their case, but make any case except "I have a plan — to do what Bush is doing but I call it something else"

    And what do you expect?

    Hm… thanks Andrew, I think I just got my closer.


  • I was being totally serious, by the way. I was honestly struck by how your writing has improved.

    Its funny how it's hard to come off sarcastic (when you mean to) on the Internet, and then at the same time, sometimes its hard NOT to come off sarcastic (when you DON'T mean to) on the Internet.

    Friggen' English!

    Language, I mean. Yuk yuk!

  • Shari

    as an American…. I'm just embarrassed. I'm happy to say that I came from one of the states that went for Kerry. As Jon Stewart pointed out – one of the main issues was keeping the country safe, yet most of the states in immediate or past danger (CT. NY. NJ, MD and DC) voted for Kerry with the single exception of Virginia…. Its a scary, scary world out there.

  • I'm with you. It's pretty damned scary
    that people voted for Bush because thought he would protect us, when I think it is quite the contrary.

    I'm very pissed at those mildly retarded family members in my home state of TX who voted for him, and for the first time I'm thinking California isn't such a horrible place to be…

  • Bush didn't win with just Faith. It was also people's confidence in him regarding the war on terror. I do agree that it is scary that there are a lot of people who are voted based on faith. The funniest part about those who do is that their bible doesn't say half the stuff they are told it does. There's no foundation for their beliefs other than it being part of a modern mythology.

  • That American Chic

    This election truly shows what America looks like. Because I live in Seattle (a very liberal city indeed) it's easy for me to forget how conservative my country is. We're such a strange people…we use sex to sell everything from pasta to chewing gum to violins…and yet we'll turn out in droves to make sure "them lesbians can't run rampant in the schools!" So strange…so strange. And then…I heard that 11 state (YES!! ELEVEN! INCLUDING OREGON!) voted in amendments to their state constitutions that outlaw same-sex marriage. It truly is a strange time to be an American….

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