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When I toodled off to bed last night, the pollsters and the panellists, presumably for want of something to say, seemed relatively optimistic about the chances of a Kerry victory.

Typical of the Bush administration’s gung-ho ways and showing little desire for the need of diplomacy, gentlemanly conduct or good manners, the White House appears to have claimed a Bush victory, without even bothering to wait for the final results or for Kerry to concede.

Someone once said that a cynic was someone who expected the worst and secretly prayed and hoped for the best. I hate it when I’m right.

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  • Depressing. Casting your vote's the best you can do–and I did–and at least Kerry one in my state. But, you do feel rather helpless once you realise your one tiny little lonely vote is all you can do. Ah well. Maybe I'll be out of the country in the next 4 years, anyway. 😉

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