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I love election coverage

I love election coverage

Call me a news geek, but I love watching live news events, such as the coverage for the US elections. Not for the actual news – most of the time it’s anchors and journalists desperately filling – but more for the gorgeous eye candy of computer graphics, and the chance to see journalists caught in the full glare of terror at not knowing what to say.

Highlights so far:

– Peter Snow. The virtual reality studio has really outdone itself this year – they had a bloody CGI helicopter hovering over Peter for goodness sake. The camerawork is seamless, and it really does look like Peter’s standing in front of a huge map of the United States.

– The BBC reporter for Florida, David Willis. The guy couldn’t look more stereotypically English if he tried. Smart suit, yellow hankerchief in his suit blazer pocket…

– The time lag between the various studios. The operation being put together is quite impressive, but it does mean that occasionally you get the badly dubbed effect…

– The bizarre effect of me telling a friend in New York about an NBC call, 5 minutes before NBC themselves call it. Neat trick.

– Damn, why isn’t there a chatroom for BBC News surfers to chat about the results?

– The amazingly annoying if professional US spin-doctors and journalists. Always sticking to message / soundbite, no matter what the question is being asked of them. For instance, on being asked about the Kerry effect on voter turnout: “All we know of is that thousands and millions of great Americans are turning out to support President Bush”…

– Quote of the hour: “Let’s show you what would change if we take the current results and use the results from 2000. Nothing would change, since nothing has changed so far.”

– Damn, Kerry’s foreign spokesman still won’t commit to signing up to Kyoto or the World Criminal Court.

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  • “Damn, why isn’t there a chatroom for BBC News surfers to chat about the results?”

    Too right, I’d love to chat realtime about the results and the brilliant coverage. I tried IRC but everyone was being boring.

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