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Another website bites the dust…

Another website bites the dust…

Granada Plus, who I used to work for building the website, is no more (although Men and Motors is still around). Arise, ITV3.

I’m somewhat surprised that a channel like Granada Plus (once ITV’s answer to UK Gold) closing didn’t seem worthy of being included in the Media Guardian or some other news outlet, but ah well. Shows you can keep some secrets within the media industry.

Adrian Sill (who replaced me at Granada Plus, having worked with me on Bookpages), where are you?

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  • So is it now an Ofcom requirement for broadcasters' third channels to have the 'three' (or '3') bit of their logo on a jaunty angle, so as to lose continuity with the rest of their logo portfolio?

    Bring back 2LO I say!

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