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It's gawwwgeous…

It's gawwwgeous…

I’ve already got an iPod. It does the job, I can listen to my unique compilation of David Hasselhoff tunes all day long. But now my heart yearns for the iPod U2 Special Edition – not because I particularly like U2. But just because it’s black. Like my soul.

I also recently bought a Dyson (second-hand off eBay). I justified it on the grounds that the current vaccuum cleaner just wasn’t up to the job, and my doctor had imperilously announced I was now allergic to household mites. Truth be told, I’d kinda wanted one for ages.

Since it arrived, I haven’t had time to actually do any vacuuming with it. But my flatmates have caught me just sitting and staring at the Dyson in the corner. The yellow and purple combo which looks *just* right, and begs to be used. I might as well be coo-ing at the bloody thing. Now I wonder if this makes me gay or not 😉

My “new” car. It’s gleaming red. Now red is not normally my colour. But I love the redness of it. Although I secretly yearn for a jet-black Polo, so I can cruise down the streets of Cardiff grooving at the chicks down by the fly-by.

So three new gadgets, and I’m drawn to them mostly by the colour and design. As anyone who’s seen my non-fashion-sense will know, I have no idea what colours go with what, or what designs go with what. So why my sudden fascination with colours in gadgets? I’ll be drooling over a jet-black PC case next.

And let’s not even get into why I’m suddenly on a tech-buying spree. When I should go back to worrying about when to go on holiday

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